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Saturday, 9 September 2017

5 cool and useful things Siri can do for you

Some people use Siri every day to take on tasks such as opening applications, creating meetings or reminders. But, there are many others who completely forget that Siri exists. If you are from this last group, you may not realize how Siri can help you .


When you need to make a call in a hurry, there is no reason to look up a contact's number . Siri can get other details as well. Try these commands without even opening the application Phone:

"Call that friend to your home phone."

"Get my recent calls.

-Reproduce my voicemail.

"Do I have new voicemails?"


You can have an app like TripAdvisor to find restaurants or make reservations. But, Siri can do it for you . The next time you want to make dinner plans, you can use these Siri commands:

"Find the best burguer."

- Show me opinions about this restaurant.

"Make a reservation for a Japanese."

"Where's the nearest pizzeria?"

Movies & TV

If you want to find the last episode of your favorite show or see what movies are putting on the movie, you can do it with Siri. Take a look at these examples of how Siri can help you find what you want to see:

-View the last episode of a television show.

-Find horror movies on Netflix.

"Show me what movies are projecting nearby."

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You can save time when performing simple actions. Siri can do exactly what you need and when you need it. Here are just a few things you can do :

- Is Bluetooth enabled?

-Activate the Airplane Mode.

"Show me my Facebook settings.

Home - Home Appliance Users

You can use Home to protect your home or automate settings, and Siri can speed things up when you're out the door. Give orders or ask questions like these:

"Lock the back door."

"Is the porch light on?"

"Is the front door locked?"

Siri Commands

You can also have some fun with Siri asking trollear questions like "What's your last name?", "What's your favorite color?" Or "Do you like Microsoft?" Are you an avid user of Siri and if so, Which commands do you use most often? We are waiting for you in comments.

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