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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A new Apple TV to master the 4K HDR

Technology in the cinema goes at a really different pace compared to other markets. Entertainment is something that depends on many, and the majors are not usually as pointers as we would wish. But when it comes time to make the leap, they give it big, as they have done with the 4K and the HDR. An incredible leap in image technology coming to Apple TV .

In both cases, the companies have come together to offer their content in the best quality. And after a few years, now Apple joins the party with their new product. The Apple TV 4K, a new device thought to take advantage of the last pixel of your Ultra HD TVs. Could have come a little earlier? Perfectly. But Apple wanted to do it right.

The best technology designed to give you the best image and sound 

The new Apple TV 4K has the same SoC as the new iPad Pro, the A10X Fusion. In this way, it offers a CPU twice as powerful and a GPU four times faster than its predecessor. Everything has been designed to offer all the contents of both iTunes and other suppliers in the highest possible quality. Including the interface, and dynamic wallpapers, which will now be played on a magnificent 4K Ultra HD .

As for the prices and dates, you can do with the new Apple TV 4K for 199 and 229 euros for the capacities of 32 and 64 GB respectively. Reservations will begin on the 15th, and September 22 will go on sale worldwide. And, in case you need content, do not worry, if you have movies bought in iTunes with 4K version, you will receive the update for free with the new Apple TV 4K, and HDR.

And you, will you do with the new Apple TV? 

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