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Saturday, 30 September 2017

A second iPhone 8 Plus appears bent, does the battery explode?

According to warnings from Taiwan and Japan, two iPhone 8 Plus would have suffered certain incidents while they were charging . Apparently, the batteries would have been damaged, causing a deformation that would bulge the terminal , folding it and opening the housing.

Before you ask yourself: no, the batteries did not explode . But as you can see in the photos, the batteries swelled, which is a safety mechanism to prevent major evils such as explosions or fires.

At the moment, the cause of this deformation is unknown and obviously all devices without exception - tablets, mobiles, cameras, etc. - they run a certain risk of accident by the mere fact of having a battery inside, and the iPhone are no exception.

However, with just one week in the market and have already reported two cases is not very good signal. What's more, this is a warning signal for Apple , which is currently investigating the incidents. Yesterday the first was known and hours later, the second warning came.

According to cnBeta, a Taiwanese woman had just bought her 64GB iPhone 8 Plus and was quietly at home charging it with the official cable and adapter. After three minutes, he watched as the panel of his terminal came out of the casing. Apparently, Apple would have asked for this device to analyze it .

Something similar has been reported in Japan where a buyer claims that the iPhone 8 Plus came home with the display this way :

Is this another case similar to the Galaxy Note 7?

Of course, the only component capable of ejecting the screen in this way is the battery . It is known that the batteries of the iPhone 8 Plus were provided by Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), confirms The Next Web.

Interestingly, ATL was one of two battery suppliers of the defective Galaxy Note 7 that Samsung had to withdraw from the market. But precisely because of the affair that the Koreans suffered, it is obvious that in ATL they took measures so that it did not happen again and they exerted their quality controls. So they should be isolated cases . However, it is known that the explosions of the Galaxy Note 7 were due to a mistake in the design of the terminal by the company itself.

Via | BGR 

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