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Friday, 22 September 2017

All Android Oreo news after one month of use

As you know Android 8.0 Oreo has been introduced a month ago and many blogs have told us all the news of Oreo from the minute one of his presentation. But, how are the new features of Android Oreo after being used for a month? Go for it.

Better notification management

The management of the notifications have a season in the focus of Google to improve them and to make the life easier to the users. So with the MarshMallow output they were better when they were grouped according to the application and we could answer them from the same bar, a revolution with respect to Marshmallow, as we say.

Now, with the arrival of Android Oreo, this notification management becomes even better, as these will be grouped by contacts. That is, if you receive ten WhatsApp, and two of them are from the same person, these will be shown together, so you can visualize them better. That's right, all your notifications will be perfectly organized.

The truth is that at first can be a bit cumbersome to use but a few days you realize the utility of this, especially in the case of Whatsapp, application that is sure to send more notifications at the end of the day . The operation is correct.

Google has thought about productivity with Android Oreo, and now you can set reminders for these applications to be shown, for example, 15 minutes later. This is ideal for those occasions when you receive a WhatsApp or an email, but you can not read it when you receive it.

Also the bubbles arrive with the number of notifications that you have to see of each application. In the same Launcher you can see at a glance what you have to review.
Android Oreo is faster, smoother and spends less battery.

What Google promises us version after version and that, lately, is often noticeable enough in the successive versions that it takes is what in the last Google I / O was referred to as "Fluid Experience". Thanks to the improvement that is made in the management of the battery by Android, which in this eighth version strives to reduce the consumption in the background of all your applications.

For that, Google has established three different levels to control the activity in the background of your applications depending on whether they give information on the location, whether you get notifications or if they are performing heavier activities in the background.

In our use we have made of Android Oreo we have to say that the operation we have noticed it more fluid and fast and a slight increase of autonomy in our Google Pixel.

Picture in Picture mode in Oreo

With Picture in Picture mode you can have a floating video window on top of any application, being able to interact with both. This is especially useful in Youtube applications that allow you to interact in a simulated way with two applications. It is true that the bigger the screen the more useful the Ore Picture in Picture mode. For example, it makes more sense in the Google Pixel XL than in the normal Pixel.

Adaptive Icons in Oreo

The icons is one of the visual novelties that will most attract your attention. First of all is that the programmer of an application may include several icons in your application and you can choose which you want the Launcher in question.

The icons also give a visual response to every move you make. If you press it, it increases its size a little. If you change pages in the launcher, it will move with an animation.

In what we have used the theme of the icons is subtle but it is quite attractive visually. The launcher works properly and does not slow down the operation of your smartphone.
Project Treble, better and faster updates

One of the disadvantages of Android versus its maximum riva, iOS, is the pace of updates when you go outside the Google ecosystem, that is, when you do not have a Google Pixel. For this reason there is no version of Android that does not try to fix the issue of updates. In this case it is called Project Treble and of course we can not yet verify that this feature works in this month of use that we have with Android Oreo.

Selecting Smart Text

One of the things that has made life easier for us in this month of use with which we have written enough with our Pixel XL is the selection of smart text. When we select a text in Android Oreo, we see in the selection menu itself various options depending on what we have selected.

If, for example, you select a phone number, the menu will suggest calling or adding to contacts. While, if you select an address, the menu suggests opening Google Maps. It is not too expensive for the operating system but it is a novelty that many of us will use.

New Emojis

Many Android users did not like the emojis that used the system natively. It seems that Google has wanted to end this with the introduction of redesigned emojis, which are more similar to those used by other platforms. We leave you a video where all the new features of Android Oreo appear from these funny icons.

Native text autofill

The self-fill that we see in many forms that are displayed in Google Chrome make the jump to the entire operating system. Google has decided to natively integrate, as we say, this self-filling, so that it will become easier to enter information from your Android phone. We have made life easier for us, but not as much as other Android Oreo news that we have seen in this article. 

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