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Sunday, 24 September 2017

All the rumors that were not fulfilled in the new iPhone

On September 12 the curtain was opened in the Steve Jobs auditorium and after a long wait, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X finally appeared . With her, there were behind us countless rumors, some more successful than others, that we have been telling you during these months.

According to a study , the reliability of these increase as the date of the presentation approaches, but with Apple playing cat and mouse, has been complicated by the excess of information .

What were they called in the end? 

Until four days before the presentation , the names that we shuffled were those of iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. Although months before had already appeared the definitive iPhone X Edition, that terna was the most sustained in the time.

A few hours before the keynote , an unknown worker leaked the real names . Almost two weeks after the keynote, we continue to think that the iPhone 8 is actually an iPhone 7 vitamin and that it would have been better to add the S.
Your storage

Unfortunately the rumor of the 512 GB of storage did not come true and in addition, we lost 32 and 128 GB to the detriment of the maximum simplicity: 64 GB and 256 GB .

A much more expensive price than expected

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X also cleared of the rumored price . I mean, yes the new flagship of Apple exceeds 1000 euros, but it does with a lot more slack than we thought .

The controversial Touch ID 

If there is something that has given topic of conversation in the Apple liebers, that has been the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone X. At first, Apple was painting very well to integrate the Touch ID into the OLED display , something fantastic for a secure consolidated technology.

But all were problems , which went from the inefficient solution to integrate it in the back and get rid of it in favor of Face ID. Time will tell if they were wrong or not.

A curved screen? Foldable? 

That the iPhone X would have an infinite screen with OLED technology made by Samsung was an open secret . However, over the months it was said that this would be curved , in the style of Samsung Galaxy S8. It is subjective, but we think it would have been nicer to be .

More difficult was that the screen was foldable , but we also talked about it. Interestingly, it is said that Samsung will introduce a smartphone with this feature next year.

Colors: mirror effect, red, white ... 

The last few weeks prior to the keynote, a rumor was heard strongly in the newsrooms of the specialized media: we refer to the mirror effect of the iPhone X.

Also speculated with an iPhone 7s (which is now iPhone 8) red , something that can not be ruled out in the special edition RED . Or even the white , which may have been mistaken for silver. What if it is clear is that copper color is not available and gold continues with Apple another edition more. 

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