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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Alternatives to not spend a thousand euros on the iPhone X

First step, reflection

Hype is a foreign term that defines the desire to have something new, and often comes with technological launches . That's why it's good to know if it's going to be worth it. Maybe the phone we're using is in good condition and can last us longer. Or we may not have very advanced knowledge and do not need more than we have.

If it is not your case, you come from an old terminal and you need a change of air but you consider the price of new models unreasonable, we provide you with several alternatives .

iPhone 7

The real sweet spot between price and features is the good iPhone 7, which starts at 639 euros, almost half the price of an iPhone X. No, you will not get the iPhone X screen without a bezel, but you'll get a start button with Touch ID instead of Apple's new facial recognition technology.

And if you move up to the iPhone 7 Plus of 779 euros , you even have dual cameras that are identical to those of the iPhone 8 Plus, and not too far from the settings on the iPhone X. (The main difference for the X is that it is has optical image stabilization in both cameras, rather than just the main camera on the iPhone 7 and 8).

iPhone SE

But what about the iPhone SE? You have it for 419 euros , it's cheap, very good and costs the third part of the iPhone X. It's also quite manageable, which is a good advantage for people with smaller hands. However, unless you're planning to have an SE iPhone right now, it might be worth trying to wait until spring, when Apple is expected to announce a revamped version of the SE.

iPhone 8

It may seem surprising that the iPhone 8 appears last. We will now explain why. We must keep in mind that this is a phone that starts from the 809 euros in its 64GB version. They are not 1000 euros, but almost 200 euros less. But of course, it does not make sense to buy it to save if you later disapprove the wireless load , which as we have seen , is not free.

Maybe that's why the iPhone 8 is not a good choice. It is you who should evaluate if already put, you have to strive and exceed the border of 1100 euros to go for the iPhone X.


Remember that it is only you who know what you need. If you buy by caprice, by hype , or by being to the last. Each one of us knows the use that we give to our devices . Buy with head, although you know that Apple is always a safe value .

If you liked this entry we would love to know your opinions about the alternatives to the iPhone X, as long as what you are looking for is a device of the Californian brand. In Android the field is huge and in our friend page andro4all you will have the best options.

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