An online store sells an iPhone 8 gold 24 carat -


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Sunday, 10 September 2017

An online store sells an iPhone 8 gold 24 carat

Apple products have always been considered as luxury products, or at least as premium products. Normally, they are said to be designed to meet the needs of those who have no problem spending a lot of money, if that means they will not have to worry too much about their devices. And that is not bad, in fact, if the company has worked that strategy for so long, it is precisely because people look for that.

However, there are other steps above the luxury represented by Apple products. Some people want to have special models, or really unique units of existing products simply because they look completely different. These requests have been covered over time by the company itself with issues like the Apple Watch Edition, but it is never enough, as this iPhone has demonstrated.

Is it really necessary so much luxury?

Even before the new iPhone is announced, a company specializing in the sale of luxury products has presented its proposal for what will be Apple's next flagship, the iPhone 8. Goldgenie, has shown the brilliant design of his particular iPhone 8 , with 24-carat gold, and diamonds on some parts of the device. They have not yet unveiled the price of this iPhone, but we are going ahead that is not going to be precisely cheap.

It is not the first time the company does something similar, and in the case of the current generation, introduced both an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus with luxurious modifications . In the case of the former, the price amounted to $ 19,574 for having diamonds; the second, which left diamonds behind, was available at a more "accessible" $ 3,258. The company already accepts reservations, so if you have not given something to see the prices and you have found a few thousand dollars under the mattress, you can contact them.

And you, do you give value to these types of options?

Via | Mashable

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