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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Apple does not need tricks to sell you an iPhone of 1000 euros

The next Apple iPhone 8 will undoubtedly be the most expensive iPhone we've seen yet. And with good reason, Apple's next-generation iPhone will feature advanced OLED display along with a full set of 3D sensors. Many analysts are anticipating that the lower-tier model will cost about $ 1,000 , about 842 euros.

A report can solve the latest mystery surrounding Apple's iPhone 8. That said, Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz believes that Apple should provide potential iPhone 8 buyers with some gifts to help boost sales. Specifically, Moskowitz believes that Apple can or should offset the price of those $ 1,000 iPhone 8 by offering buyers a free annual subscription to Apple Music and 200GB of free iCloud storage for 12 months .

However, the addition of Apple services may be a way to attract buyers to the high end offer. Moskowitz estimates that free one-year Music and iCloud subscriptions, worth $ 120 and $ 36, will cost Apple 43 (36 euros) and 7 (6 euros) dollars for service .

"Such a move could make a $ 1000 iPhone more within reach, with $ 156 in services that serve as a discount," he said. "More revenue could come if iPhone owners decided to renew their subscriptions after a year," he added.

At first sight, Moskowitz's proposal is not so crazy. After all, what user would not enjoy receiving some good benefits from Apple Music and iCloud with a new iPhone purchase? What's more, giving users these Apple Music services and iCloud could, as Moskowitz points out, turn them into recurring subscribers .

However, Moskowitz's proposal falls for some reasons. For starters, Apple has never needed help convincing users to buy a new model . On the contrary, the demand for new phones has always been beyond doubt. So even though the iPhone 8 will be expensive, there is no reason to assume that users will not flock to the device en masse, especially since the iPhone 8 represents the most drastic redesign of an iPhone in years. In addition, it is important to remember that Apple's entire business model is based on the sale of premium products at premium prices .

Second, the idea of ​​Apple grouping its services for free with a new purchase of the iPhone 8 is not something that Apple would do because it is not in the character of the company. We can call Apple stingy if you like, but Apple simply is not in the business of sacrificing profits to increase sales of handsets . Do you remember how long it took Apple to finally eliminate its 16GB storage option?

Apple simply does not need any gimmicks to help boost demand for the iPhone 8. It's going to sell you and you're going to buy it. Or are you going to wait for the next one to be taken? We would love to see your opinions in comments.

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