Apple has never invented anything but its iPhone is the best mobile that exists -


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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Apple has never invented anything but its iPhone is the best mobile that exists

Every time in the media is filtered some of the new developments that the iPhone Edition will be integrated, as tradition is generated a great expectation of the possibilities that Apple will introduce in the sector. However, along with that great hype do not cease critical voices that assure time and again that Apple has never invented anything and that everything in Cupertino is labeled innovation, had already been invented before .

And some reason does not lack. Precisely, that is the success of Apple , which neither invented the mp3, the tablet or the smartphone and yet are its most iconic manufacturers and doubt that they are about the best products on the market in their respective sectors.

In short, Apple does not invent, Apple interprets concepts that already exist. The "problem" (for competition, of course) is that it does better than the one that came up with the idea initially. Although the list is long and serves as an example of the iPod, iPad or iPhone, we want to focus on features that Apple has not invented on his iPhone, but have revolutionized the market.

Dual Camera 

One of the most distinctive features of the iPhone 7 Plus is its impressive dual horizontal camera . Specifically, two 12-megapixel cameras with wide-angle and telephoto lenses that, thanks to the optical image stabilizer, achieve a Portrait Mode that has marked a before and after in mobile photography and of course in its mythical hashtag #shotoniphone.

But no, Apple did not invent this curious camera capable of masterfully superimposing the images taken by both cameras, but it was an HTC in 2014 that developed the idea . Did this terminal go down in history because of the quality of its photograph?

Jack Connection 

One of Apple's most controversial decisions on its iPhone 7 was precisely the elimination of the 3.5mm jack connection , come on, the headset jack of a lifetime. Thus, in Cupertino was bet by the wireless helmets via Bluetooth or the emergency measure of integrating an adapter to take advantage of our helmets.

Many complaints and a year later, the AirPods are a success, the Beats Wireless devastate and in addition to having exponentially increased wireless options, more and more Android terminals are adding up. Well, this idea was not Apple either .

In 2015 the manufacturer LeTV launched a mobile with a USB-C connection for everything , so that they covered the same needs with a less connection, with the consequent saving of space. Did someone lay their hands on the head for it? Did it set a trend in the market? Did someone from your environment buy a LeTV? By the way, do you know which wireless headphones are the best selling on the market ? Apple AirPods.

Face Recognition 

We continue with a technology that today, Apple has not yet officially deployed. We are talking about facial recognition, an "innovation" that will be used to unlock the iPhone Edition, but also to make transactions in the App Store and iTunes, as well as verify our identity with Apple Pay. And all thanks to a 3D sensor that promises maximum accuracy and absolute reliability .

Of course, Apple has not invented this either. The "only" difference is that although several manufacturers have advanced to Cupertino, then what happens. And if not, take a look at this post where we teach you how to cheat the face recognition of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 .

In short, sometimes it is not a matter of being the first, but of being the best . 

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