Apple has paid attention to us: Pack iCloud and Apple Music with the purchase of the iPhone Edition -


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Monday, 4 September 2017

Apple has paid attention to us: Pack iCloud and Apple Music with the purchase of the iPhone Edition

One of the big problems we had with Apple services is that, like all other products, they are not usually especially cheap. In addition, to this we have to add that, although the different devices that the company sells if they can give the impression that they are necessary in some way, the truth is, this does not happen with the services they offer . These include iCloud storage, iTunes Match, or Apple Music.

If we take a look at the past, we realize that while with products like the Mac, iPhone or iPad the company has managed to establish itself as the pioneer, the first to do it well, and the rest followed with the over the years, in services that does not happen. Apple has never been able to put together a service that will be able to impose itself on other competitors, much less that we see them as an essential, although they have been integrated into their operating systems. But that could change.
Apple wants to encourage the use of its services

A few years ago, Apple made the decision to include the iLife and iWork suite on all its mobile devices, imitating the movement it made with the Mac at the time. Until then, there were not too many who decided on their own to acquire these apps, since there was often a better free alternative . However, this changed everything. Many stopped searching the App Store for the alternatives, because they already had installed on their devices applications that perfectly suited the function. And that's what you want to get back with iCloud and Apple Music.

According to Barclays, the company could be preparing a joint plan to be included with the next iPhone Edition, so users would not have to use competing services , as their functions would have already been supplied by Apple. This, honestly, seems to me a really successful move if this does not prevent the use of rival platforms, since the increase in the number of users will allow the introduction of new improvements in the future. And, of course, if we get cheaper than the competition, then better than better.

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