Apple may be about to activate FM radio on iPhone -


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Friday, 29 September 2017

Apple may be about to activate FM radio on iPhone

The US communications regulation has urged Apple to activate the FM radio chips on the iPhone . This would allow the citizens of the region to access valuable information when a natural disaster occurs , as it could cause wireless networks such as the Internet to fall.

Ajit Pai, a member of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, mentioned that Apple was the largest handset manufacturer that had not yet activated the chips for FM radio.

    "It's time for Apple to step up and put the safety of American citizens as a priority. I hope the company will reconsider its position, given the depletion of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. " 

It is true that in the iOS App Store there are many excellent applications to listen to radio stations, both AM and FM, but all of them require Internet services .
Apple should give in to the demand for FM radio on the iPhone

From Florida they have also "invited" Apple to activate the FM radio services on the iPhone. Bill Nelson, a Democratic senator from Florida, said:

    "Consumers need critical information in times of emergency. If technologies, such as radio chips, exist to aid in emergencies, then companies should do everything in their power to implement their use. "

But they have not been the only ones in urging Apple to put FM radio on their iPhone. Gordon Smith, chief executive of the National Emitters Association mentioned:

    "We urge Apple to uncover the public safety benefits of broadcasts on smartphones and activate the FM chip."

It seems that Apple is going to have to activate, and is that it has always been characterized by being a company very concerned about privacy, security and even the environment.

More than 90% of Internet signals in Puerto Rico were deactivated after hurricanes damaged their power plants.

Source | Reuters 

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