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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Apple, notes: a 400GB microSD already available

Storage options are flying and moving steadily. The standard microSD was developed by SanDisk in 2005, and corresponds to the type of cards of smaller size, with only an area of ​​165 square millimeters . They are relatively cheap cards to produce and with a very good data transfer rate.

What do we have at hand?

SanDisk, the company that started with its development, just announced that this September will have available a microSD card with a capacity of 400 GB, class 10. Yes, you read well. This would correspond to 35 hours of Full HD video . So it makes sense that SanDisk will market it to the owners of action cameras and video game consoles.

This microSD has a maximum transfer rate of 100 MB per second. For those who are not aware of what this means, here it goes: you will be able to move up to 1,200 photos in a single minute . An overwhelming number, without a doubt.

You can already buy it, in fact you have the buy button a little lower. Although being a recent novelty the shipping time can be delayed up to 4 months, although we assume that these deadlines will be reduced over time . The card comes with an included SD adapter, so you can enjoy it on other devices.

A continuing demand from a large sector of Apple users is that their devices have a slot to expand memory, as they have most Android devices. Just imagining that these newly presented cards could be carried on the phone would make us forget about storage problems altogether .

Are you going to buy it? What uses will you give? As always, we are waiting for your comments. From now on, we are working on the next article so you do not lose combo.

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