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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Apple promises a solution for audio error on the iPhone 8

Any launch of iPhone usually brings associated problems. Some owners of the new iPhone 8 are facing an incident with the phone's headset: when they make a call, the headset produces a "chirping" or "static" sound that interrupts the audio. Bad start to such a recent release .

Apple said in a statement that the problem only appears in a " small number " of cases and that the company is working on a software update to fix the bug. " We are aware of this issue that is affecting customers in a small number of cases, " said an Apple spokesman. " Our team is working on a solution, which will be included in a next version of software ."

It is not clear what is causing certain iPhone to be affected. The problem seems to have an impact on both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus , and owners indicate that it is happening through different companies and in different parts of the world .

Noise occurs only during some phone calls and in Facetime, although it does not happen during each call and does not appear when the handset is used as a speakerphone. That suggests that it may be a software problem , as Apple is saying, since the hardware itself is not constantly showing the problem.

You can get an idea of ​​how the crunch sounds in the video below. It is interesting to hear it with headphones because it costs to appreciate it .

The noise sounds a sharp sound in the headset. Although not totally unbearable during a call, it sounds a bit strange and annoying. Such an expensive device can not afford these errors.

Apple has not said when it can have the solution to this problem , but it always issues several updates in the weeks and months after the creation of a new phone and operating system. In fact yesterday came the first of iOS 11 .

This is the second software fix that Apple has promised for one of the new devices it shipped this month. A software problem with the Watch 3 series caused the clock to connect to unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks rather than to LTE. The problem of the iPhone 8 seems to be a minor one, but it remains a nuisance for some of the early buyers of the device.

Have you come across this issue? If so we would like you to reflect it in comments. See you in the next article .

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