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Monday, 11 September 2017

Apple removes Apple Watch from its website, guess why?

As if it were not enough with all the leaks that are seeing the light in the last hours, Apple gives us one more clue to what is an open secret : tomorrow will be introduced the Apple Watch 3 , something you could already predict if you throw a eye to our detailed guide on the keynote of September 12 , so you do not catch anything of surprise.

So to get everything ready, Apple has set to make room on its website. Without going any further, the 42mm Apple Watch 2 stock has disappeared . The same luck has run the luxurious model of Hermès. For both models, besides not being able to find them in the web, does not appear any information about when they will become available again.

Making room for the Apple Watch Series 3 

Apple is expected to present the Apple Watch Series 3. A model that despite the rumors, will not have major aesthetic design renovations . What if it is known in that sense - and it is thanks to the filtration of the GM of iOS 11 - is that it will have a digital crown with a red surface and the colors of its ceramic shell . Also, it will introduce LTE, something that will enable the calls without needing to require the iPhone nearby.

The initial theory is that Apple would be retiring these models to make room for Apple Watch 3 . However, it could also be that they did not really have stock of any of the 2. But it would be too much chance: everything points to a strategy for us to focus on the model that is to come. The question is when will be available for reservation and purchase, both on the web and in official stores.

Another curiosity of the web is that in shipments of Apple TV appears an estimated time of 2 to 3 weeks. It is known that Apple will announce a new Apple TV with 4K support , so it could also be more of the same. But we already know that Apple and its stock is a rather peculiar story.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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