Apple starts sending the iPhone 8 to everyone -


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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Apple starts sending the iPhone 8 to everyone

Look at your calendar carefully: only 6 days are to blame that we have not yet seen the iPhone 8 in all its splendor . Preparations at Apple are on fire: either by finalizing Apple Jobs's Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino or by making provisions for what comes to them. However, the most spectacular iPhone we've ever seen will never be unveiled next Tuesday, September 12 along with iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, iOS 11, Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV . Also, we can not forget that Apple always leaves something in the ink to surprise us.

As we discussed weeks ago, Apple's agenda is already closed and if we know when the keynote will be , there are also dates to reserve our devices, shipments and availability in stores . We know because Apple has a gridiron mentality and that is why we show below: the photos that show a lot of pallets full of iPhone 8 leaving for the United States. Everything has to be ready for the big day.

Actually, there is not much to see. Pallets will be shipped via Morrison Express as an express shipment from Foxconn Zhengzhou Technology Park , where more than 100,000 employees are involved in the production of the iPhone 8.

Obviously looking at the boxes is difficult to estimate the number of products or what model of iPhone is, but without a doubt they are those that will be presented next Tuesday in Cupertino , where we will see them live and will be delivered to various media to to prove them. However, the rest of the mortals will have to wait a little longer until we have them in our hands.

The date chosen to reserve the iPhone 8 in advance begins on September 15. However, the actual period to buy it starts on September 22. More is missing for the big day .

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