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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Apple Watch will detect heart problems

Apple is planning to work with Stanford University and telemedicine provider American Well to determine whether the Apple Watch heart rate sensor can be used to detect abnormal heart rhythms and common heart conditions , according to CNBC .

The Apple Watch, if able to accurately detect arrhythmias or abnormal cardiac patterns, could quickly identify patients who are at high risk for atrial fibrillation or similar conditions. Cardiac arrhythmias are not always symptoms of a serious illness, but users of an Apple Watch may have a later checkup to confirm it.

" Atrial fibrillation is a common rhythm disorder and knowing that someone has it is medically useful because those people may need specific treatments ," said Bob Wachter, chair of the University of California, San Francisco's Department of Medicine.

 A study by the University of California and the team behind the Cardiogram application previously determined that Apple Watch could detect abnormal heart rhythms with 97% accuracy. Apple could get even better results as it has access to raw data.

Tim Cook, has talked about Apple's health interests in an interview with Fortune . He said Apple is " extremely interested " in health, and represents a great business opportunity.

" If you look at it, medical health activity is the largest or second largest component of the economy, depending on which country in the world it is. And it has not been built in a way that focus on the device level is making great products from a pure point of view. The focus has been on manufacturing products that can be reimbursed through insurance companies, through Medicare, or through Medicaid. And so, somehow, we bring a totally new vision and we say: Forget about all that. What will help people? "

Cook also said that Apple was surprised to learn how heart rate monitoring in Apple Watch is already helping . " Many people collect data with the Apple Watch and notice something that does not work and then go to the doctor for review. A not insignificant number has discovered that if he had not gone to the doctor, he would have died, "Cook said.

Apple's study in partnership with American Well and Stanford is scheduled to begin later this year , according to CNB sources.
Cardiogram - Watch your Heart Rate & Health
Cardiogram - Watch your Heart Rate & Health
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