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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

As soon as you install iOS 11 on your iPhone, some apps will stop working

Following the minute schedule of Apple, today is the day chosen to launch iOS 11 . Before doing so, remember that it is critical that you verify that your device is compatible and follow a series of steps to avoid disruption . How eager we were to see the new Apple on our iPhone and iPad! However, read the fine print: some apps will stop working, specifically using a 32-bit architecture.

We probably get annoyed when updating and checking that one of our favorite apps has stopped working on our iPhone or iPad. How will it affect them? When you try to open one of those 32-bit apps , iOS 11 will not do that and instead it will display a message saying that the app needs to be updated to work with the new operating system.

Also, when you look for apps in the new App Store, those with that particular architecture will no longer appear , even if you have bought them before. Interestingly, Apple has not made public this measure , which means that perhaps when we update to iOS 11 many people will be surprised and will send complaints to the support. That yes, some notes have left in the latest updates. Without going any further, iOS 10.3 informed users that old apps " could slow down your iPhone " or directly " This app will not work on future versions of iOS ." But he has not given more details.

Apple began its transition to 64-bit when it launched the iPhone 5s in September 2013. Since then, all apps and updates have required using 64-bit architecture since June 2015 so if you have a 32-bit app means that it carries more than two years without being updated . Bad signal. In any case, there has been more than enough time for developers to update the apps architecture.

How to know if an app is 32-bit?

If you're still with iOS 10 and want to see how your iOS 11 installation will affect your iPhone or iPad, you can always see which apps have 32-bit architecture in a very simple way: Go to Settings > General > Info and click on the Applications. If you allow it, you'll see the 32-bit apps. If on the contrary you can not click, it means that all your apps are 64 bits.

Via | Macrumors 

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