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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Augmented Reality: Apple's Best Innovation in Years

For years, we've been seeing it in science fiction films. The last generations, we have been able to live like what seemed something typical of the distant future, was becoming little by little a reality. The technology of augmented reality is growing as never before , and with Apple, this could live its great arrival in the consumer market. Finally, we could see how people of all ages and regions enjoy the possibilities it offers us.

The truth is that the development of virtual reality and augmented reality is nothing new. For many years, they have been investigating the possible uses that this could have. Different products have also been introduced in the market in the hope of convincing the public that it really paid off. But it has not been until this last decade when, at last, these technologies have begun to take on more meaning.

The technology already allows to develop the augmented reality to a level never seen before 

The technological advances we have made in other fields have allowed the development of virtual and augmented reality products to be more viable than ever. Especially in the case of the second, and this did nothing but improve at the time when Apple announced its ARKit . Again, the company managed to demonstrate the power of conviction it has, and did so with a project that, without a doubt, will give much to speak in the coming months, and years.

With these large investments that are planning to enter this market, the company wants to achieve its new great revolution , iPhone-style. They want to completely change the technology landscape as they did with their first smartphone, and the presentation of these software tools is only the first step of this long road. For now, we have only been able to take a little look at what the Cupertino have us prepared.

We already have the tools to create augmented reality software, now is the time to start thinking about what we can do with them 

Simply imagine what it will involve if a technology like this becomes something ordinary. What Apple wants to do, is not to stay away from the world we are in , they want to improve the reality we live. And that is something they will achieve not only with ARKit, but with a whole range of products that are developed with augmented reality in mind, such as the iPhone Edition , or the rumored RA glasses that have been listening so much these years.

That is why, when you see the advances that integrate into the next generation of the iPhone, do not just think about what they offer today. Do not stay in what iOS 11 and ARKit allow for the moment. Think of everything that developers can think of based on these innovations. Give yourself the luxury of imagining a future in which, at last, what many believed would remain in science fiction films, is finally available to everyone. Think about what you could create with all these tools, because maybe the big idea is in your mind that helps to materialize the future that Apple has begun to create with augmented reality.

Perhaps, finally, this is another of the failures that we have been suffering throughout the history of technology. It is possible that, in the end, we are not yet ready to make the leap to a technology like this. But, with the support that Apple is giving, we can begin to think about the success of RA as a reality . Because, while other companies dare to jump to pools that are usually empty, those of Cupertino have very clear the possibilities of this technology .

And you, what do you think of this technology? Do you think it's worth it, or will it be forgotten? Share your opinion on social networks or comments! 

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