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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Big changes for the iPhone 9

Yes friends, the iPhone X has not yet come out and Apple is already thinking about the iPhone 9, or so assures the Korea Herald, so in Cupertino do not forget the 9 and go ahead.

Eye with these rumors that come to a year seen because surprisingly, although everything is very green, do not usually go astray. According to the Asian newspaper, Apple would plan to launch two iPhone with OLED display and one with LCD . In the case of the OLED terminals, it seems that Apple bets on going big and would think on screens of 5.85 and 6.46 inches respectively. In the case of the LCD, the screen would have a diagonal of more than 6 inches.

So to boat soon, you could think of a new edition of the iPhone SE (which could be like this we have seen and we have marveled ) and the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus. But so big?

The makers of the area have speculated that initially orders to Samsung would have been three screens of 5.28, 5.85 and 6.46 inches , but now contradict ensuring that the smallest of all would have been discarded because it is estimated that would not be welcomed by potential customers.

If true, then the iPhone X (which has a screen of 5.8 inches) would become the smallest terminal and OLED 6.5 would be a kind of iPhone X Plus, but more than an iPhone would seem a iPad mini.

What seems absurd is that the supposed terminal with the largest screen would be the one that uses LCD technology . OLED displays have more advantages and although they are more expensive, they look better and are energetically more efficient. In other words, the OLED are screens for premium devices, so it is absurd a terminal with such a large screen and LCD.

In any case, it looks very black for lovers of the smallest and ergonomic devices . Are we facing the iPhone SE goodbye as we know it? Hopefully not.

Via | BGR 

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