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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Bill Gates goes from iPhone and buys an Android

A few weeks ago we told you that the New York police changed all their mobile , which was Windows Phone, and bought the iPhone. Even Donald Trump himself did not wait too long when he arrived at the White House to buy an iPhone . However, there are people who follow the opposite way and reniegan of iPhone . Without going any further, one of the most powerful men on the planet: Bill Gates.

Last weekend Bill Gates was confessed Android user , something that surprised both own and strangers. That is, Android is the majority Operating System, but I do not know, you own your own environment and the halo of the iPhone is also quite seductive.

Back in 2013 Microsoft began its journey in mobile territory through Nokia to embark on a risky adventure: trying to extrapolate its success in computers to smartphones . Complicated task, no doubt. But if anyone can, that's Microsoft and its 124,293 employees.

So what leads Bill Gates to be competitive user of Android from Google? For starters, Gates emphasized that he uses Microsoft apps in his android mobile, which is quite curious, because Microsoft Word, Skype, Teams, Outlook ... all of Microsoft, but what about WhatsApp, property of the emporium of Zuckerberg?

Anyway, maybe Bill just uses his mobile for business . So why Android instead of iOS? Regardless of tastes, Microsoft is in the midst of a bitter battle with Google over productivity software, but neither is it getting particularly well with Apple. And in the background, personalizing Android apps is simpler and is a platform that allows you to integrate into brands like Dell, Acer, or Asus, Samsung ... all of them Apple's direct competition. Almost like Game of Thrones .

Gates appreciates the model developed by Google and what it is open, an advantage over iOS and that usually makes the developers choose Android, and access to Google Play is always simpler than the much tougher Apple Store. But we can not forget a reality : Apple has just changed Microsoft by Google to show the search results from Google instead of Bing with Siri.

Cold war or a matter of taste? Let's see if Gates gives us more clues.

Via | VentureBeat 

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