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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Birds Angry More Than Ever: Angry Birds Returns

Just come out, in fact is very warm, a new edition of the famous game of Rovio, the Finnish developer, we talk about Angry Birds Match. It was released around the world on August 31, just a week ago .

The game is a variation of games like Nibblers or Candy Crush Saga. Each level has a different shaped grid filled with various film objects and sometimes obstacles (better known as blockers). The basic movement of the game consists of exchanging two object positions to align sets of three of it, thereby disappearing, causing objects above them to collapse in the space left behind, often resulting in chain reactions.

The movements and alignments must be horizontal or vertical. Level objectives must be met before you run out of moves. If you match 4 or more elements, the characters of Angry Birds, who perform a special task to help the player complete the level, come up .

You will have to keep your strategy constantly changing as you change the level, and make the most of the big birds when you get them. It is a very fun game, but it is a great challenge. Most of the time, you will only have a certain number of moves to complete a level .

If you fail, you can buy five more gems, but try not to! Along the way, you'll pick up powerups to help you . Remember, if you match at least four equal pieces, one of the pouting birds will come out to help, so try to match as many as you can.

If you connect the game with Facebook, you can even synchronize your progress through different devices. This is great if you like to play on your iPhone when you're out and on your iPad when you get back home. It is an entertaining game, like the different versions that have been leaving previously, and like in the others, can play all the members of house .

Do not wait any longer and try it, when you do tell us what you thought. We are already preparing new articles for you. See you soon!

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