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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Buying an iPad Pro is more expensive than yesterday, why?

While we were all pending the launch of the new iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone X , Apple managed to raise the price of one of its flagship products: the iPad Pro. But why this change in price form so sudden

No, it's not a "small" price increase ... 

And it is not that the price change is minimal, that it is not. $ 50 is what Apple has boosted to the iPad Pro of 10.5 inches without a cellular connection. Now, instead of $ 749 for the 256GB version and $ 949 for the 512GB version, we found a new price tag with $ 799 and $ 999 respectively.

Do not think the 10.5-inch iPad Pro with cellular connection was going to be left out . Apple has also raised the price of these devices about $ 50 more. So going from $ 879 the cheapest version, to a not inconsiderable $ 929. Meanwhile, the most expensive model went from $ 1,079 to $ 1,129.
News from the UK

And not only are these two models that have increased in price, but also the iPad Pro of 12.9 inches , which has increased another $ 50 more.

Moreover, from the UK have complained that the iPad Pro 10.5 inches without a cellular connection has gone from 709 pounds to 769 pounds .

We still do not know why Apple has made this change in price. The iPad Pro has been introduced for a long time, and since then there has been no change justifying the price hike .

As always, Apple is sure to release a report shortly explaining the situation. And if it does not, we'll only have speculation and rumors left - or some other leak.

What do you think of this price change? Do you think Apple has reason to do so? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Cult of Mac 

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