Can not unlock with a photo on iPhone X, but fails? -


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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Can not unlock with a photo on iPhone X, but fails?

Yesterday was the day expected by many technology fans in which the new iPhone X was introduced . Among the main features of the new Apple terminal is the possibility to unlock it with your own face, something that already existed on other mobile operating systems like Android but what Apple has wanted to improve. Many you will wonder if it is possible to unlock with a photo the iPhone X. For now we have not been able to check if it is possible or not, what we have been able to verify in the same presentation of the iPhone X is that sometimes fails, does not it? Now we will see.

If you followed the presentation of the iPhone X that took place yesterday in the new facilities of Apple Park you would realize that when the person in charge of presenting the kindness of the faceID, the unlock by your face failed, presenting the iPhone X that were using a screen in which they requested a pin to unlock.
Unlock with a photo the iPhone X

This fact has served as a joke and what we have taken on the Internet and the memes, Twitter and comments of all kinds about the failure, or alleged failure, that suffered the iPhone X to present its faceID, have not stopped going on the network . However, those who looked a little better at what happened during the presentation have come to the conclusion that it was not a bug but a security mechanism implemented in iOS, and also in Android.

On the screen that came out to Federighi and asked to enter the password, I would put 'you need to enter the code to use Face ID'. It is the same screen that appears in the rest of iPhone when the device just turned on (...) It is a security measure that appeared with Touch ID.

Thus, the telephone had just been switched on and, before being able to use Face ID, was obliged to enter the password. An error that was not a mistake, but that may have cost someone their job. We leave the video where you can see what happened.

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