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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Can not wait for the iPhone X? Try animojis already on your iPhone

Over the weekend we talked about the new features it brings to iOS 11, and also the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. One of the hot spots is a novelty feature for the iMessage called Animoji , which will allow users send animated 3D emojis through real facial expressions.

However, Apple is not the first company to achieve this effect. A new social application called Polygram has already implemented its own version of facial reactions , and can run on your iPhone right now.

One of the distinctive features of the iPhone X will be the depth detection camera that allows accurate facial recognition and scanning. Apple plans to make use of these new sensors first with Face ID, an authentication system to unlock the device and make purchases simply by looking at the phone.

The new camera system will also be used to bring the standard iOS emoji set to reality. Apple has created custom 3D models of certain emoji characters that can be animated simply by making faces at the camera.

At first glance Polygram looks like a Snapchat clone , but where Polygram differs is how it interacts with others. Polygram analyzes your facial expressions in real time and sends emojis with them, so your friends know how you reacted when they see your publications. The idea sounds almost identical to Animoji, but since the technology does not depend on the hardware, it can work with any modern iOS device .

Polygram CEO Faryar Ghazanfari said the algorithms that feed the application have been tested to run smoothly on devices as old as the iPhone 5 . The application requires iOS 10, so that 2012 terminal is the cap below to be able to use it.

Polygram has developed a new technology that analyzes video at the pixel level to make facial recognition features more advanced, such as when you pull out the tongue. The result is a fun application to interact with and gives an idea of ​​how Animoji will be.

Do you dare to try it? If so we wait your comments and tell us what you thought this nice application. We will wait for you.

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