Create your first iOS app for iPhone and iPad with these almost free courses -


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Monday, 11 September 2017

Create your first iOS app for iPhone and iPad with these almost free courses

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own iPhone and iPad app? Would you like to develop iOS apps? We tell you how you can learn to do it in an easy, fast and flexible way.

Udemy, an application development course platform , offers a wealth of resources, benefits and instructors so you can create your apps. Thanks to its flexibility and helpful videos made by instructors with years of experience, you can learn how to develop apps while walking on the street, while traveling by bus or after work for 15 minutes or 30 minutes each day.

There are many courses available in Udemy, and some of them are on offer for only € 10 . Developing apps has never been so cheap! Then we'll talk a little about each of these courses.

Advanced master in iOS and Swift development 

Instructor: Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas

This course will allow you to master the key aspects of Swift as data structures, work with strings, know algorithms, big data techniques or numeric data types. You can implement push notifications, create in-app purchases, discover everything about the design of the user interface of your applications and even implement payment methods via Apple Pay in your app with an Amazon clone.

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Xamarin iOS: Learn from scratch to expert 

Instructor: Enrique Aguilar

With this course you will be able to create native mobile applications for iOS with Xamarin using Visual Studio for Mac . Employing this coding mode will help you save a lot of money and effort. You can start creating an application from scratch and the instructors will guide you step by step.

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Application design course for iOS and Android 

Instructor: Mar Ballesteros

Thanks to the lessons of this course you can design an application for a real business covering the needs of your company, make an interactive prototype of the application to present it to future clients or find a way out for the app making it profitable. You will learn to make an interactive prototype without knowing how to program. This prototype will be the cover letter of your app.

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Exclusive offer for iPadizate readers

And the best of all is that, as mentioned before, Udemy has an exclusive offer for you: you can do any of these courses for only 10 Euros! You better take advantage of the offer, each of these courses usually costs € 200 , so you would be benefiting from a discount of 95% .

You have until September 14, run!

What are you waiting for to become a master of iOS application development? It's a unique opportunity , if you've ever wanted to create your own application ... This is the time! The Udemy courses do not require any kind of experience and, as mentioned above, the instructors will guide you step by step with very simple and easy to follow tutorials . 

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