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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Customizing the iOS Control Center 11

Apple has introduced many changes with the launch of iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The bite apple company has even implemented some features unique to their tablets, such as Drag & Drop and Dock Updates .

Among the various new features that Apple has included in iOS 11, we find a functionality expected by iPhone and iPad users: the customization of the iOS Control Center 11.

If you just updated your device to iOS 11 and you want to know how to customize the Control Center , in this tutorial we will explain with all details.

Customizing the iOS Control Center 11

Before starting, it is noteworthy to mention that Apple does not allow to remove some functions of the Control Center panels. Items that can not be organized or deleted are: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, Airplane mode, Brightness, Volume, Music and AirPlay.

Then we leave you with the list of all elements of the Control Center that can be organized, edited and customized.

  •     Camera
  •     Low power mode
  •     Lantern
  •     Notes
  •     Calculator
  •     Alarm
  •     Screen recording
  •     Home
  •     Guided Access
  •     Apple TV Remote
  •     Chronometer
  •     Quick Functions
  •     Magnifying glass
  •     Do not disturb while driving mode
  •     Voice Memo
  •     Text Size
  •     Timer
  •     Wallet 

To customize and organize items in the iOS 11 Control Center, you only need to follow a short series of steps:

1. Access Settings.

2. Enter the Control Center section.

3. Then click on "Customize controls".

4. Hold your finger on the right side of an item to move it up or down and organize the contents of the Control Center.

5. Press the red "-" button to delete items and the green "+" button to add buttons.

As you may have noticed, customizing the Control Center buttons on iOS 11 is extremely simple. I've included Low Power Mode, Screen Recording, Home for HomeKit and the Apple TV Remote. And you? What buttons have you included in the Control Center?

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