Design of the Huawei P11 is very similar to the Moto Z -


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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Design of the Huawei P11 is very similar to the Moto Z

We know that Huawei is a company that stays in the market and continues to grow and grow. In the last few years it has been advancing a lot with its innovations and insignia inventions. In case you did not know, a part of the success that has had is thanks to Huawei P9 and P10, which met the expectations of users. Earlier we talked about how to make a screenshot on the Huawei P10 Plus ; however, this time we will talk about the design of Huawei P11.

There is a lot of rumors that Huawei will introduce its new flagship phone, Huawei P11, which is eagerly expected to be introduced next February during MWC 2018; if the date is accurate, would represent one year after the launch of the Huawei P10 respectively.

Now there are going to be many rumors about the Huawei P11, both images and any leakage, which may be false. Curiously, the images on this smartphone suggest that Huawei's next flagship smartphone will feature a design similar to the Motorola Moto Z, which was launched last year.

Some rumors suggest that the Huawei P11 (Fake) features a 5.5-inch screen, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 13 megapixels in the back and 5 megapixels in the front, 4000mAh battery and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

We know that we still have a lot of time, about 5 months to clarify and increase the expectations that we have of this device; all this through every new rumor and flight, although it is likely that filtered images will not appear, since Huawei is a company that has a lot of confidentiality.

Moreover, other reports from China say that the original P11 will be shipped with the newly confirmed Kirin 970, 8GB of RAM and a 4K display, which would be great since these are unique and eye-catching features.

But in spite of all this, what do you think? Do you think these features of the Chinese report are real? Will this smartphone increase the sales of the big company Huawei ?. Leave us your comments here to know each of your opinions.

Specifications of Huawei P11

Here is the list of specifications of the Huawei P11:

  •     Display : 5.5 inch 4k screen
  •     Operating system: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  •     Processor: Kirin 970
  •     RAM : 2GB / 8GB of RAM
  •     Storage: 16 GB internal memory
  •     Battery : 4000mAh battery
  •     Cameras : 13 megapixels at the back and 5 megapixels at the front
  •     Networks: 2G, 3G and 4G
  •     Connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM radio, 3.5mm jack 

Price and Availability of Huawei P11

As for the price and availability of the Huawei P11 , Huawei is expected to launch this device as soon as possible. Rumors talk that it will be presented next February during MWC 2018, which is the safest and most likely. As for the price we can not say anything yet, since we do not know for sure how much money it takes for the company to make this smartphone. Anyway, we will keep you informed of any new news regarding this Huawei P11. 

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