Discover the incredible game of the week: INKS -


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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Discover the incredible game of the week: INKS

This week we want to present a classic game with a touch of art. Let's talk about INKS, which was first released in May 2016 and has never been available for free before . INKS was also the winner of the Apple Design Award 2016.

INKS is a modern interpretation of pinball, which combines the fun of this recreational game with challenges based on tactical skills and art creation. As you play, the ball sends bursts of ink across the game board, making it a different experience each time.

The game has many exclusive pinball tables to play, so each board is a different challenge, the ability to share high scores and best of all, there are no purchases in the application . It is a game with which to spend the hours and then, we summarize its main characteristics:

  •     Elegant and careful design.
  •     Over 100 unique tables to play.
  •     Perfectly balanced game rhythm.
  •     Each canvas tells the story of your departure.
  •     Share your favorite levels and records. 

The truth is that about a game of this type there is not much to explain, as we all know the mechanics of this type of fun. You only have to be skillful by pressing the pushbuttons to send the ball to the precise place. In addition to that, the power to "tune" the board every time the ball is stained paint is exciting.

The choice of boards, colors, and even sounds can not be more accurate . It is very striking that it is a game that does not stress, but is played with calm and tranquility because it does not have elements that distract you greatly.

This game is a very smart spin of one of the oldest concepts in electronic games, with excellent levels and visual design. INKS can be downloaded for 2.99 euros . Of course, the application is worth what it costs and costs what it costs.

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