Do not ask, the Coca-Cola rip-off is already circulating on WhatsApp -


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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Do not ask, the Coca-Cola rip-off is already circulating on WhatsApp

The "friends" of the bulos or the robbery of personal data, or even the subscriptions to premium services are of congratulations. They have re-circulated through this popular messaging application a hoot, quite gross indeed.

This week we have met and also suffered the receipt of a message by WhatsApp in which we are led to believe that the Atlanta company is giving away whoever fills a survey of three questions , a portable refrigerator with 24 cans inside.

Obviously that promotion has not come from the American beverage giant. We recently told you that WhatsApp will soon allow the profiles in this network for companies , but they are not yet active. Also, if you look at the message, the web address to which you refer has a rather strange domain .

Anyone who has chopped will find the following: you will not receive the refrigerator or drinks, and in return you can receive a subscription to any premium service by SMS , your device is infected by malware or that your personal data is collected with not decent goals.

You know, by following some simple rules of common sense you will not fall into scams like this . Data thieves usually use brands known as Zara or Decathlon for this purpose. Also Ikea or Mercadona have been the object of this type of messages-bargain.

Remember that nobody gives anything for doing surveys or leaving our data. Always distrust this type of message so absurd and above all, do not re-send them so that they do not become viral . You never have to help these characters to continue doing wrong.

Did you get this message? Did you identify it as a scam? We will be happy to hear your opinion in comments. See you soon! 

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