Do not be fooled, the Android Face ID is not the same as the iPhone X -


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Friday, 29 September 2017

Do not be fooled, the Android Face ID is not the same as the iPhone X

Sure, if you know the characteristics of the operating systems of the competition, when Apple announced that face recognition would reach the iPhone you would not be too impressed. The truth is, facial recognition is nothing new. Like so many other times, Apple has not been the first to implement this technology. However, it has been the best that has done so far.

At the time that Face ID came to the fore in the keynote of last September 12, many began to compare it with the solutions that others have offered in the past. One of them, is the Android introduced with version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Face Unlock, which was introduced as a security revolution, turned out to be a fiasco of epic proportions . The point is, Face ID has nothing to do with this. Perhaps the most similar to this technology of the iPhone X is the iris recognition of the latest Lumia or Galaxy.

It's not even worth comparing Face ID with Face Unlock 

Although it does not deserve even a comparison, it is only necessary to have a look at the hardware used in each method. With Android, you can use Face Unlock or Trusted Face on any phone with a front camera. With Face ID, it is necessary to use the new sensor TrueDepth , which so many problems is giving them to produce the iPhone X. A set of components specially designed not only to be a good camera, but also to be a complex biometric identification system.

TrueDepth projects a large number of infrared dots on our face to identify its unique shape and characteristics with very high accuracy. In the case of Face Unlock, it is simply a software that compares the image of the front camera with the previously recorded, even if it is a photo. In short, anything is safer than Face Unlock. What is not clear, is whether Face ID and iris recognition technologies deserve much more worth for convenience. That is already something for everyone.

And you, what do you prefer? Facial recognition, or the fingerprint scanner? 

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