Do you have an iPhone and the AirPods? Then you need this sheath -


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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Do you have an iPhone and the AirPods? Then you need this sheath

Where do you put your AirPod when you're not using it? Eric Migicovsky was forgotten and when he found them, he sometimes realized that he had forgotten to carry them. So he and a couple of friends came up with the PodCase, a relatively thin iPhone battery case that has a slot for the AirPods and keeps them charged. The case can eliminate the need to carry the load of the AirPods, as the PodCase allows charging for the phone and headphones.

The AirPods arrived with controversy for users last fall, as Apple's decision to remove the headset jack on the iPhone 7 brought in the queue . Fans and critics scoffed at AirPods because of the way they could get out of a user's ear and get lost easily.

Once they finally hit the market, the AirPods won many of their opponents for their sound quality, but that did nothing to eliminate the risk of losing one. If you're prone to losing small things like a single AirPod, the case is available for pre-booking on Kickstarter for $ 79. After production, the PodCase is expected to be sold for $ 99.

Migicovsky is the founder of Pebble Technology, which produced Pebble Watch. He graduated from Nova Technology with co-founders Steve Johns, founding industrial designer of Pebble Technology and Avegant co-founder Allan Evans.

" Some friends and I fell in love with our AirPods. We use them constantly , "Migicovsky said. " But we get tired of forgetting where we put them and loading them. Looking around, we could not find an iPhone case for AirPods, so we built one ourselves . "

The PodCase has 2500 mAh internal battery, which is enough to fully charge an iPhone or provide up to 40 charges for AirPods . It has a USB-C charging port that works with a MacBook cable with a cable that charges both the phone and the AirPods.

Currently available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and Nova Technology will begin work on a case for the next iPhone, to be announced on Tuesday , once Apple reveals the specifications. Nova Technology targets a February delivery date for Kickstarter sponsors.

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