Does the Face ID of the iPhone X work if I am asleep or unconscious? -


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Monday, 18 September 2017

Does the Face ID of the iPhone X work if I am asleep or unconscious?

With the advent of the new iPhone X we have for sale the first full-screen Apple phone. This also means that they have decided to remove the Home button and everything it incorporated in the: Touch ID. Without being able to incorporate a Touch ID, Apple was faced with a huge problem that had to solve during the development of the phone.

Few people have passed by to see the novelty of Apple to unlock their new terminal: Face ID . This is not something new, some companies already used it on their phones even though they never had a real success . However Apple's proposal looks better, it makes a dizzy 3D that works even in the dark thanks to an infrared light.

The mapping of the new Face ID works so well that you can distinguish two twins , in addition to the new Aion Bionic processor, you can learn from your changes over time to always recognize you even if you leave the long beard or decide to wear glasses.

Is it as safe as it sounds? 

Anyone can think of several reasons to think that it is not really safe. The new Face ID works great, but is there any way to unlock our phone when we sleep ? Given that you can recognize our face in the dark ... why not?

To see if this is possible you have to know how exactly it works. Face ID is primed to distinguish two twins, yes, but it can also differentiate hyperrealistic masks from Hollywood . How is this possible? Face ID knows if a face is alive, needs to detect if there is activity on your face to unlock the phone and not only that, you should also look at the phone.

This brings us many advantages that will improve our experience of use, also makes it impossible to unlock the phone while we sleep , because if we do not have our eyes open or Face ID can not see our eyes, it will hardly be unlocked.

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