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Monday, 18 September 2017

Does the iPhone X Face ID work in the dark?

The most novelty we were expecting this month was the new iPhone X. This device incorporates a screen of 5.8 inches in a terminal of a rather small size , thus obtaining that the whole front part is screen. Unfortunately, this means that the mythical Home button on the iPhone is gone so do not go back.

If there is no Home button, how will the phone be unlocked? We all know that the Touch ID took care of this, and it was located on the same Home button of the iPhone, but now that it is not, Apple has had to contend with a new technology: Face ID .

It is not as new technology as it seems, this has been around for years, but it has never been so well implemented. Face ID creates a 3D map of your face with more than 30,000 invisible points of light . It is so effective that it can differentiate two twin brothers and, of course, a photo will not be worth to unlock since it has no depth.

In addition the Face ID will be able to recognize when what you are seeing is a hyperrealistic mask . In Hollywood they are experts in making this type of masks and that is why they did the tests with the best ones in the business. We must be sure that the new Face ID will be very secure , even more so than the Touch ID .

What if we are in the dark? 

This is something that may worry a lot of people, since the iPhone X will not incorporate flash front (the one of the screen yes), besides would be quite uncomfortable if it works with some type of flash and could cause damages in the eyes.

The new Face ID will be fully capable of seeing our face when we find ourselves in the dark. How is this possible? Easy, infrared. Infrared are totally invisible to us, but for a camera not . The cell phone will illuminate you with infrared and you can see the face even if you can not even see what you have a span away.

Surely a great idea to tackle this problem, but we must wait until November 3 to know if this technology will really work as well as we assure Apple.

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