Donald Trump's iPhone does not have Safari, but has Twitter -


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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Donald Trump's iPhone does not have Safari, but has Twitter

In February President Trump could still be seen chatting from his old Android phone during a crisis meeting in North Korea at his "Winter White House" on the Mar-a-Lago estate, and that phone could be the Samsung Galaxy S3, a terminal already practically obsolete . A group of senators then wrote a letter to the Secretary of Defense of the United States, claiming that Mr. Trump's old and insecure Android phone was cannon fodder for hackers.

The thing is that President Trump's secure device, apparently an iPhone, has quite limited functionality, as do all presidential phones, and we all know that trying to deprive him of Twitter would end his patience . Trump's iPhone does not have the Safari browser, reports the New York Times, but only has one application and this is Twitter.

White House staff are reportedly trying to keep him busy with meetings and a heavy schedule, so he will not leave time to watch news on cable television that often make him tweet raw and unfiltered comments that are a source of endless discussions in the media.

His former adviser Steve Bannon even used to deliver paper prints of articles, since Trump does not use a laptop and does not have Safari on his iPhone . This president is unlike any other that we have memory and it is true that Trump and Twitter make a combination somewhat dangerous.

The rest of their functions are configured remotely with Apple's mobile device management software from Secret Service personnel, but their Twitter application is obviously off limits. And it is clear that Trump ends up publishing things in a tone that is not the most appropriate for the president of the most powerful nation on the planet.

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