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Monday, 4 September 2017

Download the best games of the week for iPhone

The applications and games of the App Store are renewed every day to offer us a much wider and varied catalog .

Today we bring you the top five games that have landed in the App Store this week. Some are for payment, others are free, but all are hilarious, so you have the entertainment insured.

Angry Birds Match

This new installment of the mythical Angry Birds saga allows us to play in the purest style Candy Crush. We will have to change the position of candy and objects to remove them from the screen and earn points. The game has more than 1000 levels , so you'll have entertainment for a long time.

Home Behind

Have you ever wondered how refugees feel when they leave behind their home and their homeland? Well with this game you will put in your shoes. At Home Behind you will have to make your way to the safety of Europe , but the dangers lurk in each one of the ways, so you will have to be prepared.

The game is payable , but both the plot and the gameplay are outstanding.


This game does not have much mystery, you will only have to fly the objects on screen as far as possible, be they boots, a deer or a roasted chicken. In addition, the aesthetics of the game is very Victorian, which is always a plus for all.

Download it easily by clicking on this link:

The Walking Dead: March To War

The name of this game already explains it all by itself. In The Walking Dead: March To War you will have to build your own base and reinforce it to the highest level, but you will also have to recruit survivors to defend it when the time comes.

The Walking Dead: March To War is a multiplayer strategy game , a genre that has become very popular in recent times.

Noblemen: 1896

The war has arrived , you are in the year 1896 and you will have to do everything possible to ensure your survival and that of your companions.

In this fun strategy game you are going to get ample scenarios and intense fighting , all packaged in a massive story mode.

That is all for today. We hope you've taken at least one game to your iPhone's download history, as they are all hilarious. In addition, you can find from shooters to strategy games.

Have you downloaded any already? Leave us your answer in the comments! 

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