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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Everything about the bug in iOS 11 mail and how to fix it

Many of us have come across the surprise that the Outlook.com or Exchange mail server has stopped working on our iOS device . It is normal to find certain flaws in a new version of iOS , but such email problems we drag dragging from the same beta of this.

As I said, new versions of iOS always come loaded with bugs that can dull and bitter our experience with Apple's mobile system . All this despite the fact that iOS is always subject to several versions of beta to detect any problems that may arise before launching, but apparently Apple has not paid much attention to feedback from those who tested the beta.

Microsoft Mail Does Not Work on iOS

We can easily think that Apple has forbidden us to use the Microsoft mail service for people to migrate to iCloud , however this would not be a smart move by the giant of Cupertino.

This problem is caused by a bug in the same internal iOS: Mail application, which sends us an error message when trying to send an email from our Outlook or Exchange account. If we are users of the now defunct Hotmail or we use the service of Microsoft, this can bitter us much the day.
Solve problem 

Yes, the solution to this problem exists. Specifically, it was released yesterday. Apple released yesterday the version 11.0.1 of iOS . This version incorporates a remarkable amount of solutions to errors . Of course, it also incorporates a way to make everyone happy, have fixed this problem for Microsoft services.

So if you want to have your Outlook or Exchange mail operational again, you'll need to install the new version of iOS which, fortunately, offers a quick and effective solution to this problem. It is fortunate that Apple worries about certain problems and releases patches to solve them as soon as possible, although there are still many bugs that need to be solved.

Source | support.apple.com 

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