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Friday, 1 September 2017

Everything Apple will present in the September keynote

It's almost all ready. According to recent rumors, Apple already has the last details of its great September conference, one of the most anticipated in years. And it is that, probably, we have not been in front of such amount of news for a long time. We expect changes in many of the lines of the company, and in iPadizate we are preparing to bring everything related to the ads that can be given.

For now, it seems that we have a clear date to point us in the calendar, on September 12. In addition, as we have discussed before, it is very possible that this keynote will inaugurate the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple's renewed headquarters. A modern theater designed especially to gather the press in moments as important as this. And it is that, as you will see now, what is coming is not very little.

The big star of the event, the iPhone 8 

To begin with, hopefully we will have, finally, the great revelation of the year in the mobile phone industry . The mobile that will mark again the way forward for the coming years, will arrive in this same event to dazzle both the attendees and those who see the presentation remotely. Among its features we find, from a completely renewed design, that will completely eliminate the classic physical start button, to a new panel technology, the OLED.

While it is true that there have been quite a few leaks on it, it is very likely that Apple has kept some surprise. However, what we really want is to see the new iPhone 8 live and live, and that is something that we will have assured. The problem will be that we see it in our pockets, since the price does not seem to be reduced precisely , with forecasts that put it above 1000 dollars.
A disappointing renewal awaits us, the iPhone 7s

In this case, there is little to tell. As we knew for a few months, Apple is preparing not one, but three different models for this generation of the iPhone . Two of them, will be the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. In both cases, we will not find much news. It is possible that the dual camera features of the iPhone 7 Plus are now available on both models. Anyway, all we know about them, is that the design will be the same, and that will share the A11 processor with the new iPhone 8.

Expected renewal of Apple Watch 

Now, as every year since 2015, with the advent of the first Apple Watch, it's time to change series. It is possible that some will think of a completely redesigned watch to accompany the new iPhone 8, however, it seems that there is not much chance of this happening. This does not imply that it does not bring really expected news. And the new Series 3, will have compatibility with LTE networks , so that we can start to leave behind our iPhone without worrying about losing any important notification or call.

The highest quality will finally reach Apple TV 

Last but not least, we have another great leap in quality Apple devices. In this case of image, and is that the company would be preparing the jump to 4K Ultra HD for its video platforms. And to accompany this important change, it would announce the arrival of the first Apple TV compatible with this resolution and HDR capacity. Hopefully this is not the only novelty for the Apple TV platform.

And of course, it's time to update our devices 

All these products that we have mentioned, will work thanks to the new versions of software that will be released together with them. From iOS 11, MacOS High Sierra , to TVOS 11 and WatchOS 4, all of them will receive news compatible with previous models. And if you have an iPad, updating iOS 11 is especially necessary, if only to see the renewed multitasking you will receive among other functions.

Now, it's time for you to prepare your devices 

As we have already said, we will keep an eye on each advertisement that will be developed at the September 12 presentation event. But, as always, you can see the event from the Apple website , the moment they activate the streaming portal. When that day arrives, you will have all the information of how you can connect in this same blog. Until then, prepare yourself, because there come bends.

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