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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Everything iPhone users love iPhone

The design, quality, durability ... The iPhone is full of virtues and users know how to value what really matters. The satisfaction rate at Apple is very high and no company can cope in that regard. Analyst Cantar Worldpanel came to the same conclusions hours before Apple held its September event.

If we take a look at the evolution of satisfaction of the last three years, we can easily see that the screen size of the devices is something that has evolved to the best in terms of the assessment given by iPhone users. The big screens that appeared with the iPhone 6 Plus have charmed people, and no doubt the new iPhone X will once again be a success for this very reason.

What do iPhone users value?

The aspects that most value Apple users are the design and quality of the materials . This is what makes Apple unlike anything else we can find in the market. Also included is the screen and the quality of the camera, as this has always had excellent quality and keeps improving year after year.

IPhone users are usually quite loyal to the brand . If people are satisfied with the product, they will obviously buy again if they need it. This strategy has been a crucial element in Apple's success, it also means that users can think more about changing the device every 2 years or so.

However, our country is not too fond of apple bite. According to the latest data of market share in Spain, Apple is in the fourth position of brands that sell most . It has a 7.5% of total sales so far this year, with the iPhone 7 being the best seller at this time.

There's no doubt about it: iPhone users love the iPhone . A functional device, well built and designed that brings everything we want from a mobile phone and more . And is that bringing all these factors together with the operating system and the interaction that it has with the cloud, you can not ask for anything more.

Source | kantar.com 

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