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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Face ID is completely secure, and Apple proves it

As you have already fixed, the iPhone X will have a new method of unlock to compensate for the fall of the Touch ID. Face ID, as its name suggests, is a facial recognition system designed to offer both comfort and security , not only when unlocking the phone, also when we want to use services like Apple Pay, or pay in-store purchases. iTunes or the App Store. Now, your face will be the password for your device, and all the apps that support it.

However, as each time a new security system is introduced to mobile devices, the different scenarios in which it might fail have been raised. With Face ID, it has been determined that, perhaps, it is not the most appropriate option for those who want a substitute at the height of the Touch ID. But Apple is not going to stop by the criticism , and has decided to teach a little more in depth the operation of Face ID.
In terms of security, Face ID is a leap forward, and not backwards as many say

In an official document published by the company, you can find here the features that make Face ID the best solution today. For example, we can find the different reasons why Face ID could be temporarily blocked and require the security code, to clarify again the failure that occurred during the presentation.

In addition, it explains in detail the operation of the system for all those who are wishing to know. And the possibilities that the developers will have in taking advantage of the APIs of Face ID. All thought to leave behind any type of doubt as to whether it really is worth giving it a try. Now, we just need to try it out for ourselves to see that Apple has not sold us something that does not work as well as they did.

And you, will you give Face ID use or opt for other methods?

Via | MacRumors 

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