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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Facial Recognition of the iPhone 8 will easily surpass that of the Galaxy Note 8

Yes, the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung came out before ... But the iPhone 8 will be better. And it is not something strange, since Apple usually tend to try to improve the technology already existing through its products. But let's get down to business, the new Samsung terminals have their positive things but also have their flaws.

Despite having a phenomenal design and an enviable hardware section, the Samsung terminals fail in one of the most important aspects of a smartphone: security.

First, the fingerprint reader to unlock the device (Touch ID on iOS) is on the back in both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 . This negatively influences its functionality and usage experience .

Second, the face recognition technology that Samsung has used in its Galaxy Note 8 has many flaws . In fact, it is possible to "fool" the terminal using a simple picture of an authorized user. Something very worrisome, and very dangerous.

Apple has it easy to overcome Samsung face recognition

It is possible to unlock a Galaxy Note 8 without passing the facial recognition process (as such) or enter the password of the smartphone. A video shared by Mel Tajon proves it.

As you have seen in the video posted on Twitter, the process to unlock a Galaxy Note 8 using facial recognition with a simple photograph is extremely simple. Maybe too much.

Apple will be able to implement improved face recognition software as it has had a lot of time for the development of this technology since the first rumors about facial recognition defects of Galaxy S8 smartphones began.

The company will employ a very sophisticated and advanced technology belonging to Realface , an Israeli company that has facial recognition software that creates 3D virtual representations of people's faces . For its part, Samsung uses a technology based on 2D in its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. And this is easy to "hack".

What Samsung is crazy, and even more so considering that today virtually everyone keeps their information, their personal data and other files related to their privacy on their mobile devices . Fortunately, not all thieves will have a photograph of the face of the owner of a stolen device. But we still recommend that you do not rely solely on the Galaxy Note 8 face recognition to protect the terminal, but rather use password and the two-factor authentication process.

Source | BGR

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