Finally Friday, and now much better with these free applications -


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Friday, 15 September 2017

Finally Friday, and now much better with these free applications

It seemed that it was not going to arrive and it arrived, it begins a great weekend in which we will be able to disconnect of our daily routines and to stop seeing the face to that boss or boss who looks at you with bad face. Well, make it a resplendent face with the free application pack for a limited time that we have prepared for you.


You can not let it go, in fact we're giving you an entrance this summer. The application allows you to delete EXIF ​​metadata including the GPS location of photos known as Photo Geotagging. Essential .


Levitagram is the original and most advanced levitation photo editor on the App Store. It has some unique and important features that no other application can provide.

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

Throughout the game, you will play as two survivors of an apocalyptic plague. Help them achieve the unimaginable, build a rocket, so they can return the dead to their cosmic homeland through an ancient tradition of space burials.

Sketchworthy - Notes, sketches and ideas

Sketchworthy is designed as a beautiful and innovative way to create and manage your notes, sketches, scribbles and more. The application takes advantage of new iOS technology to deliver an experience never before seen in other applications for notes or drawings .

Thankful for - Gratitude and Appreciation Reminder

Studies show that people who regularly practice giving thanks are happier. There are a number of reasons why we should make gratitude a daily practice and this application helps you.

8bitWar: Necropolis

If the last time you stayed with the desire, take advantage of this game now that it is free again . 100 levels and 24 unique types of units and monsters. Play against a friend on the same device or online.

This has been everything for today, we wish they were to your liking. Remember that tomorrow we will return with more . We will wait for you.

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