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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Free applications arrive only for the weekend

We return to the load with a new delivery of applications that will only be free for this weekend. The offer tries to be varied so that everyone is happy , so do not delay and start downloading the ones you like best. If they are all, much better! So let's go there.


ReliCam, the manual camera and video application made with all the photographers in mind. It offers you manual controls to take advantage of the camera on your device for photos and video, including:

Focus | ISO | Shutter speed | Zoom

Other features are: Grid lines, Heads-Up display, fine adjustment control and high-resolution auto focus option. ReliCam Remote for Apple Watch allows you to use u Apple Watch as the camera's device trigger .

Music player

A different player for every day, look for and discover new songs of success, channels, genres. Play remixes, search for new music tracks . Use a full-featured media player to view your favorite music. Discover the new trends of music according to different categories. Streamer of powerful and advanced music, and possibility to share the music with your friends.

AcePlayer Plus - The Best Video Player

AcePlayer can play almost any type of format and stream it directly on your iPhone / iPod / iPad. Only transfer media files to your iOS device via iTunes or over Wi-Fi, then you can play each one. With the built-in media downloader and the FTP / Samba client, it's not just a local movie player, it's a "Movie Player & Media Downloader & Streaming Media Player". You can also stream / download media from most UPnP / DLNA media servers to your iOS device.


Application for musicians. iTuttle is an awesome synth. With its 9-oscillator section, all waveforms but "Sinus" use generalized PWM (called "Ratio"), so you can tune in or modulate the waveform of each oscillator. Its enormous modulation capabilities allow you to create very large sound styles. The arpeggiator includes an 8-step sequencer and allows you to mute, change the duration of the door, the slot and the speed of each step. In addition, you can use the global Shuffle to humanize your arpeggios. Also send your notes to the MIDI outputs!

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