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Friday, 15 September 2017

Get ahead of everyone and buy the only iPhone X you can afford

Apple is in general an incredibly reserved company for a reason and the launch of the iPhone X has not been an exception, although there have been leaks and in the last weeks we already knew something. Their products are so sought after and coveted that there are other companies looking to make money fast and can do very well selling imitations .

Say hi to the GooPhone, iPhone X clone

GooPhone is a Chinese brand famous for selling only premium device clones, and this time it's got its fake X-iPhone been introduced even before the actual launch of the iPhone X. Ladies and Gentlemen, with you the GooPhone I8 (also called GooPhone X) .

The GooPhone has the design aesthetics of Apple iPhone X, and then has committed a heresy , put him Android (my mother). It has a 5.5 inch edge-to-edge display, a MediaTek MTK6580 chip, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, and a 720 × 1280 HD display.

In addition to all this, GizChina informs that GooPhone has gone a lot further, getting the Android 5.0 of this device to run to give the hit and show it as Android 7.0. It also displays 4G or LTE indicators as it only provides 3G service and displays 64GB of memory when it only has 16GB (although you can add a memory card). The cutrez in superlative state.

It is really impressive, especially considering that the phone has what looks like a dual camera system , although the rear is only 8 MP and the front lens has 2 MP. So we came across an Android phone with low budget and no guarantee of any kind . But, if you want a clone of iPhone X cheap, you can load before anyone else, the GooPhone X will only cost you about 100 euros.

Of course, be sure not to lend it to anyone to inspect, is nothing more than an idol with feet of mud that has nowhere to start walking. No glass or exclusive materials or anything that resembles.

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