Get ahead of the Keynote: a video of the new iPhone is filtered (and one is red) -


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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Get ahead of the Keynote: a video of the new iPhone is filtered (and one is red)

All rumors of the iPhone 8 or X so far have always shown three colors, which are white, black and gold, but now a new video shows a unit painted a deep red. This will not be the first red iPhone, but will be the first time that Apple offers a red drive from the beginning .

This video was facilitated by a person reporting that it was filmed in Guangzhou (China) in what appears to be a showroom (or perhaps a quality control facility). We can not verify its authenticity, although within 24 hours of its presentation, anything is possible.

Interestingly, the iPhone 8 appears darker and the iPhone 7 (RED), or 7S behind it is a brighter red. And the golden color still does not resemble the precious metal , it is closer to the bronze color. Practically we find something unprecedented in the history of Apple, if we excepted that year 2013 with the iPhone 5C and its extensive color gamut. This model was very popular, although it did not fit too well in certain sectors of Apple fans, who saw it as "the iPhone of the poor".

Apple gives the impression that the colors are for mass market devices, in addition to the iPhone 5C we must remember some very flashy iPods. We know that the front will be completely black in all available colors , so that it fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the contents of the screen, thus avoiding the controversy of the iPhone 7 (RED). Also, we know that it will be glass to allow inductive wireless charging and that the dual camera will be vertical, to make the most of the optics in landscape mode.

Will it be the tenth anniversary of the colorful iPhone? Remember that there are 24 hours left for all the mysteries to be unveiled, we will wait for you tomorrow from 19:00 hours (Spanish peninsula) so that we know all the details. Do not miss it!

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