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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Goodbye to Home Button: Chronicle of a Death Announced

As we said goodbye to the square-shaped symbol after the release of the iPhone 5s , and as we said goodbye to the headphone jack connector on the iPhone 7, it's good to say goodbye to the iconic iPhone home button ...

The iPhone 8 will completely change its design, incorporate an OLED screen that will cover the entire front and make the side bezels disappear. But it will not be the only thing that disappears. The Home button will also do this.

We do not know if Apple plans to implement a kind of Touch Bar in the iOS 11 software for the iPhone 10th anniversary, or if you really intend to use a simple virtual Home button . What we do know is that it's time to say goodbye to one of the most iconic elements of the iPhone. Although that yes, will continue being present in the iPad ... for the moment.
Many users will regret the removal of the home button

The absence of the Home button on the iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone ...) will have an immediate impact on iOS 11 users . Especially if the functions enabled by the Home button end up dying along with the physical button.

But Apple can not eliminate the functions of the Home button of the iPhone, and some of them are critical to provide a good user experience in the mobile operating system of the terminal, both on iPhone and iPad. If you press the Home button you will return to the home screen, pressing twice will activate the App Switcher to change the app, and if you hold your finger on the button you will enable the Siri services. How will Apple plan to change this system?

With iOS 11 we know that it will be possible to activate the App Switcher (along with the Control Center and the Dock) by sliding your finger on the screen, but there are still many other Home button functions that the company must change if you want to remove the start button .
How will iOS 11 be on the iPhone 8?

If Apple finally removes the Home button from the special edition smartphone, and everything seems to indicate that it will, the company would have to implement some functions of the iPad on the iPhone. Especially the new and redesigned Dock.

Twitter user Guilherme Rambo has created videos using an iOS simulator so we can see what some of these functions would look like on the iPhone 8 without the start button . It is worth taking a good look at them.

And that's what the App Switcher (without the Control Center) would look like:

We have had many good times together, but the time has come to say goodbye ... Until always, Home button! How about the withdrawal of the iconic iPhone home button? Will we miss it, or will Apple manage to stop it?

Via | BGR 

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