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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Hacking on Apple? Is there risk for users?

The Apple developer site has been idle for a couple of hours and, although at first it seemed that the hack was related to maintenance, some developer reports suggest there could be another cause .

Several developers are reporting that all their developer account addresses have been updated with an address in Russia, perhaps stating some type of infringement or serious internal error . According to several reports of them, their accounts show a Russian address instead of its correct address.

Dal Rupnik @TheLegoless
All my teams on Developer Member Center at @apple are registered in Russia. Nice.
22:59 - 6 sept. 2017

It is not clear what is happening with the developer site at this time. Some sources have contacted Apple for more information .

David Negron @dave_negron
@apple developer account addresses are all showing an address in Russia...
23:52 - 6 sept. 2017

In 2013, the Apple Developer Center was hacked and hacked away for several days as Apple worked to fix the breach, rebuild the developer database, and implement best security practices. At that time, Apple said confidential personal information was encrypted and inaccessible , but some developer names, email addresses and email addresses may have leaked.

Update : The developer site of Apple already has backup. No reason has been provided for the blackout or the appearance of Russian addresses in some accounts.

Update 2 : In a statement sent to the affected developers, the support staff of the Apple developer program says there was no security breach. Instead, there was an error in the account management application that caused the address information to be temporarily incorrectly displayed.

" Due to an error in our account management application, your address information was temporarily incorrectly displayed in your account details on the Apple Developers website. The same incorrect address was shown to all affected developers. no security breach occurred and Apple Developer's website, applications or services were not affected at any time nor was any of the Apple Developer subscription details accessed, shared or shown to anyone . "

Source : macrumors.com

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