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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Here's what's cool about the App Store

Our recommendation of recent news from the revamped App Store has just arrived. We have chosen two applications and two games, one of them so fashionable augmented reality . We want them to be to your liking, so let's introduce them.


Build your own digital robot using this application that encourages the creativity of programming. Add all types of commands to your robot and give it personality. It starts with no intelligence or personality, your job is to give you qualities that will make you really special . Programming is done by dragging and dropping blocks of commands one on top of the other, which you can customize as needed.


This app uses the iOS Depth API to give your photos a cinematic feel . Anamorphic captures quality photos allows you to do things like set the region and focal depth and use different degrees of color when editing. Take a look at the different Anamorphic modes, as well as taking landscape and portrait photos, as well as adjustments to add grain, control exposure and more.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

Defend the innocent and save the day. Experience the original trilogy in retina-quality HD graphics and choose to play horizontally for larger or vertically backgrounds for a single hand. Use evidence and witness testimony to gain advantage . If you like the legal world, this game will delight you.

World Brush

Have you ever wanted to do street art improvised without the possible consequence of vandalism charges? World Brush is everywhere. This AR paint application allows you to create virtual works of art in the real world and then leave them for others to find.

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