How Black Mirror predicted many of the features of the iPhone X -


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Sunday, 17 September 2017

How Black Mirror predicted many of the features of the iPhone X

As good technology lovers, surely many of you have seen the Black Mirror series. Each episode of this phenomenal series transforms into a satire on how society today abuses technology , showing us the horrible destiny that the future holds for us if we follow the same path.

Well, it turns out that Black Mirror predicted some of the new features of the iPhone X. And it is, in a way and at least, alarming ...

Since Black Mirror not only matched the design of the new iPhone X in one of its most popular episodes (3 × 01) but also also predicted the Animoji functionality that Apple has introduced in iMessage for iOS 11.

Black Mirror: a mirror of society with a view to the future

As mentioned before, in one of the episodes of the third season of Black Mirror we could see a smartphone with a design really similar , almost identical, to the new Apple iPhone X. The smartphone had a screen that covered the entire front and a very small side bezels.

In addition, the smartphone had tactile gestures very similar to those offered by the iPhone X with the arrival of iOS 11 software.

But the thing does not end here, since Black Mirror also predicted the launch of Animojis . We talk about animated emojis that make use of facial recognition technology to emulate in all details our facial expressions.

In fact, from the official Twitter account of Black Mirror published a GIF of the presentation of the Animojis of iOS 11 on the iPhone X replacing one of the emojis by Waldo , an animation character created for an episode of the series in 2013.

During that episode, Waldo was controlled with a very similar technology that provided him with audio and movement. The animated character went from comedy to politics, with all the danger this entails.

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