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Thursday, 14 September 2017

How iPhone FaceID works: 11 questions and answers

As you know, on the iPhone X the FaceID replaces the Touch ID , the fingerprint sensor that accompanies us since 2013 with the iPhone 5s. But a system of identification based on biometrics so novel, accurate and efficient arouses many doubts and misgivings. Therefore, Apple has put to work to try to clarify all, both in its keynote and on the web.

How to scan your FaceID face

FaceID employs a TrueDepth front camera that employs an advanced set of sensors to measure depth. Basically, the IR emitter throws more than 30,000 points to your face to map its structure . The infrared then returns to the iPhone X and the signal is picked up by the receiver, which processes the data on the powerful bionic chip A11. This information becomes a mathematical model that is compared to the facial structure stored during the configuration process.

As with the Tour ID, if there is a match between them, the iPhone X will be unlocked . You can now tap the screen to go to the Home screen.

FaceID in the dark

As FaceID uses infrared to scan your face, it also works seamlessly in low light conditions and even in the dark . The TrueDepth camera integrates something Apple calls "Flood Illuminator", basically an infrared light that illuminates your face in the dark, so that the emitter and receiver can operate satisfactorily.

Can FaceID be fooled? 

Unlike what happens with the Samsung Galaxy S8 , the iPhone X can not be fooled with a photo because it employs 3D facial recognition .

In addition, Apple has implemented an extra security measure that will measure our facial activity. FaceID only unlocks the terminal when you look towards the iPhone X direction with your eyes open. While this is an optional feature we can deactivate. 

FaceID is sensitive enough to differentiate between you and someone wearing a mask with your face . Apple has Coach FaceID with hyper realistic masks created by Hollywood to make sure they can not be fooled this way.

According to Apple, FaceID is safer than the Touch ID because there is less chance of failure . While with the fingerprint sensor there is a ratio of 1: 50,000 that an unauthorized person can unlock your iPhone, with FaceID this possibility goes up to 1 in a million. Of course, if you have a twin brother, this error ratio increases.

While with TouchID we had 5 attempts, with FaceID there will only be 2. If the iPhone X is not unlocked, it will be blocked and will require a code.
Can FaceID be worn with hats, make-up, beard, glasses ...? 

FaceID works properly with hats, beards, glasses, scarves and other accessories that partially cover the face. This is due to the bionic chip A11 and its machine Learning, a function that uses artificial intelligence capable of recognizing changes in your appearance. In addition, it will work without problem if you have only a fraction of your face in sight.

FaceID also adapts to changes in your appearance over time , so you'll recognize even if you leave a beard or your hair grows.

However, Apple did not mention sunglasses on the keynote, so it might be that FaceID did not work in this case because it obscures your eyes and eye contact is required to unlock the device. Even with the additional care function disabled.

Does FaceID work when I'm asleep? What if I am unconscious?

If someone tries to unlock your iPhone X with your face while you sleep, it will not work , remember that it will require you to look at a point on the iPhone X.

How is the privacy with FaceID?

On Touch ID phones, your fingerprint was stored in a security location on your device, just like FaceID. All facial maps will be encrypted and will be saved in this secure zone that has authentication to access it . And no, this data will not be saved on iCloud nor sent to Apple.

Can multiple faces be recorded? 

Unlike Touch ID, it is not possible to store more than one face in FaceID . The iPhone X will be the exclusive and non-transferable property of a single person. You can only add another face if you delete the one you have previously entered.

How does FaceID work with open angles?

You do not need to have the iPhone X right in front of your face to unlock it . Even when sitting on a table face up, FaceID will work perfectly, as we could see in the keynote.

How does FaceID work with Apple Pay? 

FaceID replaces Touch ID when authenticating to pay with Apple Pay. You will simply have to look at your iPhone X to authorize the payment process. Then double click the side button to confirm.

In addition to Apple Pay, remember that you can buy from iTunes, App Store and other third-party apps .

Some special features of FaceID 

As we mentioned, it will be necessary to look at the iPhone X to use FaceID. But it is also that with just a look you can browse the messages and notifications of your terminal and even lower or silence the alarm because your iPhone X detects your look as one more interaction.

What is FaceID's neural motor?

FaceID employs two neutral motors that are inside the bionic chip A11. They work in real time and can process more than 600,000 million operations per second. To train this neural network of Artificial Intelligence, Apple used more than 1 billion faces.

Is FaceID a perfect technology?

Just as the Touch ID was progressively improved and streamlined, the Face ID will not be perfect at first . Apple will be polishing this feature with its updates and future iPhone will come with FaceID more advanced because it is the technology of the future.

Via | Macrumors 

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