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Thursday, 21 September 2017

How long should an iPhone last for more than a thousand euros?

Normally we are accustomed to invest more than thousand euros in a computer ... that probably will last us at least 5 years. But if, as Tim Cook says, the more than thousand euros of the iPhone X are a bargain given the new technology it contains, this is the question of the million of these days.

Let's start from a base: mobiles do not last as long as computers , it's a reality. They are on most of the day and we carry them all day in our pocket or purse. Up until now they were cheaper, so it had its logic that they lasted us about 2-3 years. But now they are much more expensive but we can also do many more things with them: read, watch series, play, use it to work, make awesome photos ... ah, and we can also call.

In the case of the iPhone in general it is not difficult to find people with an iPhone 6 that uses it for everything. Even with an iPhone 5s. They are terminals that have 3 and 4 years respectively and if they have a paste, that is usually their battery. In addition, they are still upgradeable, so we can install iOS 11 with peace of mind . This is a differential fact regarding Android, which does not always allow the installation of official updates and to do so, rarely support the new features if they have more than two years.

So how long should the iPhone X last for it to come out profitable? We know that your processor is a beast at the height of the Macbook Pro , so there is no fear in this regard. However, next year Apple will release A12, which will be faster and more powerful. The optics of this year is improved and is the pioneer of many in having Face ID, although it is not a consolidated technology. Come on, the models that come will be better and our teeth will be long .

I do not know, I have the feeling that in a couple of years I will want to renew my terminal and it will be frustrating the feeling of having thrown the money. If we buy it with a contract of permanence, at two years I will be free to sell it and I will get money, that is clear. Or I can use it to pay for the new iPhone. Because, are you willing to spend more than a thousand euros every two years?

Let's face it, most people do not need a processor so fast, not so good optics, not so many apps ... even, or facial recognition. Not needing, many have 3D Touch on their iPhone and do not even use it. In fact many are happy with an iPhone 5s. In reality, there is a sense that aside from technology lovers, a roof has been reached on the needs and expectations covered by the iPhone . It does not need more.

So the question is on the table: how long should a smartphone last? Do we need everything the iPhone X offers us? Will we still want to change terminals every two years? Need or whim? 

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